4 Best laptops with removable touchscreen (2-in-1)

Removable touchscreen laptop profile Today, we are almost always computing. With the advent of Smartphones and tablets, many of us are connected to the internet for 100 percent of our day. With this degree of usage, many users wish for a laptop that can be used in a way that’s more similar to a tablet; and as a result, a series of laptops with removable touchscreens were created. These laptops have keyboards like traditional notebooks, but their screens can be removed and used as a tablet. Today, there are a wide variety of such machines, but which is the best laptop with a removable touch screen? I created this guide so that you can have a couple of great leads.

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Hand-picked 5 Best Laptops with a Touchscreen

Touchscreen pen
Some laptops come with a pen for their touchscreen
As a writer/blogger, digital artist, and aspiring Drupal developer, I often find myself using my trusty touchscreen laptop to do much of my writing, art, and site adjustments while I’m on the run. One of my laptops is a slightly aging Dell Inspiron i5 7000; it has touchscreen functionality as it was designed for Windows 8, but I decided to do some research to see what the newest crop of touchscreen laptops has to offer. I admit it; I’m a touchscreen enthusiast; I use a touchscreen smartphone, gaming systems, and a tablet, so it was a natural progression for me to pore through some of the best touchscreen laptops.

If you’re looking for a newer touchscreen, there are several great options on the market for you to pick from, from convertible laptops to large screened touch-friendly machines. I’m going to let you know what to look for in this guide so that you can have as pleasant an experience and find a great touchscreen laptop for your needs.

Before we get into this what to seek, there are a couple of considerations that you should think about.

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