Best laptops for playing Battlefield 5A new installment in one of the best acclaimed FPS series is one tough cookie. I tend to use new games as an opportunity to upgrade my setup or even buy something new. It would be easy to build a desktop PC to run Battlefield 5. But it’s a complete opposite if we’re looking for a laptop. I’ve taken my time and compiled a list of adapted BF5 requirements for laptops, what specific hardware we’ll need and what laptops are best at every price range fulfilling these requirements without breaking the bank. At the end, I’ll add a laptop comparison spreadsheet of top laptops for Battlefield 5 and gaming.

Official requirements

First off, let’s begin with the official minimum PC requirements for Battlefield 5:

  • Intel Core i5 6600K || AMD FX-6350
  • 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB || AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • 50GB Hard drive space

Battlefield 5 laptop requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Processor Intel Core i7-6700HQ Intel Core i7-8750H
Video Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Max-Q Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
Memory 8 GB 16 GB

I’ve derived these requirements from desktop requirements – I’ve used desktop requirements to match the recommended components to equivalent laptop parts. I used 3rd party benchmarks including 3DMark and PassMark tests.

What is crucial for a Battlefield V laptop?

Primary requirements

Major Processor

Battlefield 5 requires a very fast processor. For a desktop PC that wouldn’t be a problem but laptops are still behind desktops in this regard. There’s only a small handful of CPUs I can recommend for Battlefield 5:

  • i7-6700HQ
  • i7-6820HK
  • i7-7700HQ
  • i7-7820HK
  • i7-8750H
  • i7-8850H

Major Graphics card

Integrated graphics

There are no integrated graphics capable of running Battlefield 5. So we’re only left with more powerful dedicated graphics cards.

Dedicated graphics

Only a few graphics cards are capable of handling Battlefield 5. With all possible variations, there are only 10 cards for BF5:

  • GTX 1050 Max-Q
  • GTX 1050
  • GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q
  • GTX 1050 Ti
  • GTX 1060 Max-Q
  • GTX 1060
  • GTX 1070 Max-Q
  • GTX 1070
  • GTX 1080 Max-Q
  • GTX 1080

All of these cards should deliver at least 30 average FPS, but I’d go for at least GTX 1060 whenever possible.

Secondary requirements

Minor 16 GB RAM

8 GB of RAM should be a starting point for even a budget gaming laptop. Going above that has limited gains in gaming but is great for multitasking and browsing the web.

Optional Solid State Drive

I’m a strong proponent of Solid State Drives. They are not an essential if you’re looking for a very cheap gaming laptop but since we’re looking at more expensive laptops that can play Battlefield 5, we should expect an SSD at every price level.

The only concern is the total available storage space. Ideally, there should be a large 500 GB or even 1 TB SSD. But that costs a lot and I wouldn’t expect that type of storage below $1,300. Laptops under this price point should be suited with a small SSD (120 – 256 GB) and a large HDD setup.

I also would advise going for a NVMe or just PCIe M.2 drive. These are slightly faster and might be easier to upgrade in the future.

Optional High refresh rate display

I usually wouldn’t add a HRR screen as a recommended requirement but since we’re shopping for some high-end laptops, 120Hz and 144Hz laptops are a big plus.

First person shooters are great at taking advantage of these displays but that doesn’t mean that you should get one if you can afford it. There are some laptops with GTX 1060 with these panels but I would recommend going for at least GTX 1070 to reach 100+ FPS. That’s at least true for Battlefield 5. For other, less demanding games, it’s OK going for GTX 1060 and a HRR panel.

Just don’t forget there’s more to a display than just its hertz count. I would prioritize an IPS panel and better display brightness over higher refresh rate.

Best laptops for Battlefield 5

I will be the bearer of bad news and tell you there aren’t any truly cheap laptops to play Battlefield 5. But there are some laptops that can play Battlefield at an affordable price for most.

MSI GL62M 7RDX-1408

Cheapest laptop for Battlefield 5
i7-7700HQ | GTX 1050 | 8 GB RAM | 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD | 15.6″

The cheapest laptop on the list is for those that want a basic machine capable of running Battlefield 5. It has all the necessary essentials with a few shortcomings. Even though it provides good performance, it has a cheap screen panel so don’t expect to be impressed by the screen. Also, it has the smallest SSD drive out of all the laptops on the list. But that’s the price we have to pay to enjoy good processor and video card combination.

View on Amazon

Eluktronics N870HK1 Pro

i7-7700HQ | GTX 1050 Ti | 16 GB RAM | 512 GB SSD | 17.3″ IPS

Eluktronics has been producing some great laptops geared towards gamers. They are still just a small brand but they seem to get what many gamers want and they make many good choices in laptop hardware.

When compared with the MSI GL62M that I’ve listed above, Eluktronics packs a better graphics card, twice the memory and 4 times more SSD storage. It cuts out the HDD but it’s a worthwhile trade for most. Also, it is has a 2″ larger IPS display. That means a significantly better display quality over the TN panel that’s present in the MSI model.

Sadly, this laptop, like every other laptop on the list, has a short battery life of just a few hours. It is inevitable that a powerful processor and graphics card will drain even a large battery.

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HP Pavilion 15t

Great laptop for Battlefield V
i7-8750H | GTX 1060 3GB | 16 GB RAM | 512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD | 15.6″ IPS 144Hz

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest but you still have some limits on your spending – a custom built HP Pavilion 15t has to be on anyone’s list. First and foremost, it has an absolutely amazing setup for its price so I wouldn’t be surprised if its price increases in the upcoming months.

It has one of the best laptop processors. The Intel Core i7-8750H is comparable to mid-range desktop processors and that’s truly impressive if you’re aware of the wide gap between laptop and desktop processor performance. This particular HP Pavilion 15t even comes with a better graphics card, an additional 1 TB hard disk drive and a 144Hz display with an IPS panel. It definitely overdelivers when compared to other laptops under $2000.

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Acer Predator 17 X GX-792-77BL

Desktop replacement for Battlefield 5
i7-7820HK | GTX 1080 | 32 GB RAM | 512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD | 17.3″ IPS 4K G-Sync

The last pick is for those that want the absolute highest Battlefield framerates and they’re OK with making some concessions in mobility departament.

It has the best graphics card you can get in a laptop – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. And every other component is picked to keep up with it.

But beware – it’s a laptop designed to be a desktop-replacement and not something one should carry every day. It has an atrocious battery life and it weighs 10 lbs – roughly twice what an average gaming laptop would!

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All the Best Laptops for Battlefield 5

LaptopPrice (approx)
MSI GL62M 7RDX-1408$800
Eluktronics N870HK1 Pro$1,100
HP Pavilion 15t$1,400
Acer Predator 17 X GX-792-77BL$3,000

Battlefield 5 Laptops Comparison Spreadsheet (BONUS)

View laptop comparison As a bonus, I’m providing a Battlefield 5 laptop comparison sheet with 215 modern gaming laptops, their specs and hardware evaluation. Here’s the link to the comparison spreadsheet.

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  1. For me the game disappeared from my’have-list’ when the cheeky answer came from DICE.
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    this man and his family have bread on the table.

    Is that any way to talk to fans these days? Instead of responding to the criticism, discussing, or trying to explain oneself, one finishes
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    A shot in the own leg for me. I boykotier and skip the line and wish DICE
    that you get stuck on it.
    In addition, someone should take legal action, because you still
    call the game historical and advertise with it, then please advertise with
    “fictitious”, then there would also be no uproar!
    For me, it’s cheating, and that’s not even well done.

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