5 Best laptops for Skype and Video chat (Updated 2018 June)

Best laptop for Skype Whether you need the best laptop for Skype while you’re at home or the best Skype laptop while you’re moving between cities – I’m here to cover all the bases.

Staying connected with relatives, colleagues or clients is hard. Sometimes, a quick message or a chat is not enough. In those cases, it is essential to have a laptop that is capable of making high-quality voice and video calls. At the same time, it shouldn’t run out of battery juice every other hour. And there are some great laptops just for that that don’t demand of you to empty your wallet.

First things first

Chromebook Support of Skype

At the first glance, if you want to buy a cheap laptop for Skype, you might start by considering Chromebooks. Chromebooks are extremely cheap internet-driven notebooks for everyday use. Sadly, Skype is not officially supported on Chrome OS – you can use Skype on Web. At the same time, it’s a bit buggy and only recently voice calls became available. So I’d recommend looking for a Windows or a MacOS laptop instead. It’s just better to avoid Chromebooks for confusion and unnecessary hassle.

Windows vs MacOS for a Skype laptop

Whether you want a Windows laptop or a MacBook depends entirely on your own preference. Of course, as a default, I would recommend a Windows laptop as they’re cheaper and there are a lot more options. But there’s nothing wrong with looking for a MacBook Air if you’re already in the $1000 budget range. At the same time, I’d guess most people wouldn’t want to spend that much on a Skype laptop.

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