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Pick Notebook is here to answer a single question - "What is best laptop for me?"

It aggregates best laptops from online shops and analizes their specs and benchmarks so you don't have to. It's not just a laptop choosing quiz. It is interactive guide controlled by simple sliders and by various smaller parameters for more advanced users.


The idea for “Pick Notebook” came when we (CompSci students) bought new laptops for the studies and were a bit annoyed how time consuming the whole laptop choosing process can get. And we are tech savvy people!

We believe that there needs to be a tool that can listen to what a person actually needs and then be like a trusted geek that does the hard work of looking through all the available laptops and finding the best choices. Choosing a new laptop for ourselves or helping a friend pick one is a routine task for us, so we made an automated website for this sole process.

TL;DR The website is designed to help you choose the right laptop. If you have any suggestions on how this website could be better drop a message right here!

How do you determine which laptop is best for me?

Picked laptops

List includes best sellers, new releases, most rated laptops and handpicked notebooks from respected reviewers and online communities.

Evaluated specifications

Laptops are evaluated according to their performance in an array of apps and games to determine how good is laptop with performance intensive tasks. Also laptops are compared with each other on their weight, battery life and other characteristics.

Personalized results

Laptops displayed at the result page directly respond to your own priorities and nobody else's. The system sorts and orders laptops according your settings and helps you to pick the best laptop.

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