Best laptops for upgrading (RAM, SSD, ext. devices and more)

Upgrading a laptop is a bit harder than upgrading a stationary PC
One of the best parts of owning a personal computer is the level of control you have over the entire system. Nowadays, computers can be seen as a sum of very powerful components, with a great deal of customization available for the discerning consumer. This is often the case with desktops, where many enthusiasts will assemble separate parts to create a powerhouse from scratch. However, what many don’t realize is that laptops can offer a great deal of customization as well, even if not at quite the same level as their non-portable counterparts.

I’ve assembled a list of laptops that are great picks for anyone searching to build a portable machine of their dreams. When looking for the best upgradeable laptop, you want something that can push the bounds of your laptop’s existing computing power, attach extra parts to soup up a less powerful machine, or can be converted into a media server or some other radical re-imagining. I have compiled this list based on very particular criteria: overclocking ability, available slots for storage and RAM, support for additional hardware, and support for alternative OSes. With the aid of this list, you should be able to find the best laptop for upgrading that will suit your needs.

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4 Best laptops with removable touchscreen (2-in-1)

Removable touchscreen laptop profile Today, we are almost always computing. With the advent of Smartphones and tablets, many of us are connected to the internet for 100 percent of our day. With this degree of usage, many users wish for a laptop that can be used in a way that’s more similar to a tablet; and as a result, a series of laptops with removable touchscreens were created. These laptops have keyboards like traditional notebooks, but their screens can be removed and used as a tablet. Today, there are a wide variety of such machines, but which is the best laptop with a removable touch screen? I created this guide so that you can have a couple of great leads.

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Guide to the Best laptops for a teenager

Best laptops for teenagers As a proud parent of a 13-year old, I know exactly how important it is for my daughter to stay connected with her friends. As a result, I bought her a great Dell laptop last year for Christmas, and she loved it. It was a hard choice; there are tons of great laptops out there today, but I think I found a great one. Now, to help fellow parents out who are in the same situation, I’ve decided to create this guide on the best laptop for a teenager so that you can have an easier time than me.

She’s always texting, gabbing on her cell phone, and constantly instant messaging all of her little girlfriends. With this in mind, I understand exactly how much she can use a computer; not just to keep in touch, but to complete her homework assignments as well. Just looking at the work that she has to do lets me know how easy we had it; she has to submit all of her homework electronically, and it looks much harder to squeak by with than when I was her age!

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5 Best 17-inch Laptops (+hardware guide)

17 inch laptops - Windows-only-land!
17 inch laptops? Don’t expect to find any MacBooks here.
In order to properly identify the best 17-inch laptops, I have compared 94 17-inch different models based on many different aspects. Some of them are obviously more important than others. And in this guide, I’ll cover exactly them.

My criteria for the finding a great 17-inch laptop can be broken down into 3 basic groups: power, mobility, user experience. You can find more detailed descriptions of these aspects below.

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What are the Best Laptops for Vlogging (video blogging)?

Smile :) Whether you want to become the latest Twitch sensation, or you just want to become a Youtube star, vlogging is one of the coolest things about this ever-connected world of ours. As an aspiring vlogger, I know that you can’t just go out there and become the newest vlogging star, so I decided to put together this guide that will review some great machines so that you can find the best laptop for vloggers.

So What Exactly is Vlogging?

Vlogging simply stands for video blogging. Clear and simple. Some vloggers are gamers and some vloggers are just web journalists and personalities who have drawn their own audiences to their page for whatever reason. One thing is important for any vlog to get off the ground – you simply have to have the right equipment. You can have a dedicated desktop, but to have a bit of mobility, it’s best that you search for a good laptop for video bloggers.

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6 Best Windows 10 Laptops (+why it’s great for laptops)

Good ol' times, amirite?
Started from ’95 now we here
I’ve been computing for many years, and I’ve been through many operating systems. I began with Windows 95. Ooh wee, I still get nostalgia from Windows 95/98 loading screens. That sliding bar at the bottom… It took ages until I progressed up to XP (where I stayed for ages), then Windows 7, and tolerated versions that weren’t so good like 8. I swear, it seems Microsoft intentionally screws up every second OS release.

In the summer of 2015, Microsoft decided to release their latest version of their Windows operating system, Windows 10. As a result, systems have been upgraded around the world and now may consumers like you are wondering, “Which is the best windows 10 laptop?”

The Windows 10 system is fairly stable, has some great innovations, and is clearly designed to be great for people who want an entertaining computing experience. In a smaller form factored laptop, some of the built-in features start to really shine, like the Cortana electronic assistant and intuitive controls for touchscreen machines. Honestly, the mobile experience is well-executed on Windows 10, but many people still ask me, “could you recommend me a good laptop for windows 10?”

To help you arrive at a decision, I’ve picked out 6 well-balanced laptops that are built for Windows 10 era. But first, if you’re switching to Windows 10, it’s important for you to know what makes Windows 10 for laptops a bit different than other Windows releases.

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Hand-picked 5 Best Laptops with a Touchscreen

Touchscreen pen
Some laptops come with a pen for their touchscreen
As a writer/blogger, digital artist, and aspiring Drupal developer, I often find myself using my trusty touchscreen laptop to do much of my writing, art, and site adjustments while I’m on the run. One of my laptops is a slightly aging Dell Inspiron i5 7000; it has touchscreen functionality as it was designed for Windows 8, but I decided to do some research to see what the newest crop of touchscreen laptops has to offer. I admit it; I’m a touchscreen enthusiast; I use a touchscreen smartphone, gaming systems, and a tablet, so it was a natural progression for me to pore through some of the best touchscreen laptops.

If you’re looking for a newer touchscreen, there are several great options on the market for you to pick from, from convertible laptops to large screened touch-friendly machines. I’m going to let you know what to look for in this guide so that you can have as pleasant an experience and find a great touchscreen laptop for your needs.

Before we get into this what to seek, there are a couple of considerations that you should think about.

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How to choose a Laptop for Business School + 4 Best picks

What is a good notebook for MBA student?As a business student, there are a few things you need to consider when shopping for the best laptop for business school. Is the laptop sturdy enough to stand all the work and possibly traveling you’re going to put it through? Can it manage multitasking, including running Excel while taking notes and researching on the Internet?

In addition, the business school you’re attending will have its own recommendations and guidelines. Most schools will want you to use Microsoft Office and may even recommend the best laptop for their students. Columbia Business School, for example, recommends an i3 core processor or above, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, and either an Ethernet port or USB Ethernet adapter to access their wired network.

At the same time as a student, you need to consider your budget. In the end, you want to make sure whatever you purchase will work for what you want it to do while still remaining affordable.

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Best 2-in-1 laptop for gaming: 3 Top Convertible Laptop Picks

Wanting to have a convertible 2-in-1 laptop that can handle heavy-duty gaming is like taking your bike to a highway. It’s as if you’re trying to pull the direct opposites of the most portable and the most performant laptops and hoping you’ll get something good in the middle. If these words still didn’t discourage you from searching for the best 2-in-1 laptop gaming laptop – you’re a mad man and I like it.

In this laptop guide, I’ll go through what seems to be a search for an answer to what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. God help us.

But in all seriousness, I’ll cover what we should expect when we’re handling this tricky topic. And at the second half of the article, I’ll drop a list of my recommendations for the best 2-in-1 laptops for gaming as of now (October 2016).

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